How to Evolve Your Law of Attraction1 min read

Janine Bolon and Nikki Green - How to evolve your law of attraction. Stand Up and Stand Out Podcast.

Nikki Green is a Life and Business Resiliency Expert, and the host of Stand Up & Stand Out Podcast.

She enjoys working with new managers, startups, parents and young professionals to transition their current reality and embrace their resistance to change to realize their potential through mastering the art of resilience.

Visit her website here.

Show Notes

Join us as we discuss the Law of Attraction and the foundations of a Chameleon Mindset.

Learn with us as we discuss verbalizing goals and setting a path to attracting what you want in life.

  • The power of meditation
  • The need to find out what you want
  • The benefit of creating something daily
  • And more!

Listen below!

“Create something everyday even if it’s a conversation” – Janine Bolon

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