Links to Janine's Programs & Courses

Wednesday's Workshops

We Meet the 1st & 3rd Wednesdays of each month at 6pm (Mountain)

This workshop teaches you the systems and processes I used to triple my business by doing relationship marketing. I can’t wait to share this with you!

Cost: FREE


Friday Coffee with Janine

We Meet most Friday Mornings  at 8am (Pacific)

This is Janine’s OPEN office hours for her students, networking buddies and opportunity for people to chat with her in a very informal way. You are welcome to pop into the zoom and leave as soon as your question in answered. It is a very informal gathering of folks.

Cost: FREE

You're On Mute!

Almost every time you are on a zoom meeting or google meet, there is always someone who forgets to unmute themselves. 

Do you want your very own, “You’re On Mute” card?

Then sign up to get your card for free.

Janine's Syndicated Radio Show is now on YouTube

After years of audio blogging and podcasting, Janine’s 4 podcast programs:

  • 3 Minute Money Tips
  • The Thriving Solopreneur
  • The Writers Hour
  • The Practical Mystic Show

were syndicated in 2019 and merged into one solid hour long program. Check out her YouTube channel, subscribe and be a part of her online listeners who enjoy her latest recorded programs:

  • OPEN Friday Coffee &
  • Wednesday’s Workshops