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What do I Want?

Achieving Clarity through Chaos

30 years ago I was introduced to the concept of vision boards through Mike Vance. He was making a living teaching corporate clients the value of having a vision board for clarity of project management. He had learned the process from Walt Disney Studios. It revolutionizes lives when you create a board and then gaze at it daily. 

The 60/40 Principle

A 3 Minute summary of my “secret sauce”

This is the system you use for all the money that comes to you that isn’t your paycheck. Any unexpected money such as bonuses, refunds, rebates or “found” money is run through this system.

Decreasing Your Expenses

Easy Habits that Keep Expenses in Line 

The funny thing about helping people with money is their reactions. 99% of the folks I chat with take what I share with them and change their lives. Then there are the 1% who feel the need to tell  you that your advice is “lame”, “just common sense” or, my personal favorite, “well, that’s not new!” Nope. There is nothing new in what I share. But it may be new-to-you. Implement the tips and you will come out better than where you are.

“What is Financial Planning?”

Financial Planning is taking where you are, “Reality” and setting targets for your wellbeing.  

If you find yourself in a situation of total chaos, usually the best thing you can do is to remember the goals you’ve set for yourself. What you don’t have goals? Well, how do you ever expect to improve yourself? There is always something more to learn, enjoy and accomplish in this life. Financial planning gives you the necessary tool (Money) you need to accomplish your goals.

Save $200 while Shopping

One Tip on the Systems I use to lower my food bill. 

Many of my students have found great success in following the 28 tips that I use when I wander through the grocery store. Even if you are on a specialty diet. There are things you can do to lower your food bill.

Keep Reading those Books

The best way to improve your financial situation is to live below your means.


I was frozen solid with fear as I watched my family’s income drop by 54% when I left the workforce to raise my family.

I was a DINK (Double-Income-No-Kids) and I was about to start a family.

What was I to do? I read books. A lot of books. 60 in all covering topics of decreasing your expenses, increasing your income, financial planning, estate planning and how to locate professional assistance for credit issues, you name it.

Here is the link to my recommended reading list if you are just starting out.

Janine’s Recommend Reads for Financial Prowess

Do the Math!

Yeah, but, How do I “do” the math of the 60/40 Principle? 

This was a question from one of my adult classes.

This video answers that question.

Dealing with the Emotions of Money

It’s tough to find a Role Model, so Be Your Own.

What sort of Rich Person are you?

Philanthropic Giving

Even when you think you don’t have enough to give. 

I started my philanthropic career started during a time of low income, high bills and trying to support myself on meager wages while getting a University degree in Biochemistry. I made the commitment to give $1.32 a week to a charity. My roommate told me it was a waste of to give so little, deep down I knew I had it was an important principle of wealth accumulation. 

“What is Debt Free Living?”

Simple. You Own Everything You Use.

Many times folks get themselves all caught up on definitions and financial jargon, they twist their thought processes in knots working out what a fiscal situation “looks like” and my job is to ground that thinking into a simple phrase. Make a decision that it is time to live a debt free life, create a plan to pay off your current debt without accruing any more and implement those actions.

“Those Rich People!”

You know that means you, right? 

This rant is about how we can change our socio-economic status by changing how we think of ourselves.