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Open Friday Coffee - Youtube shot: How to build a business

Open Friday Coffee: Building a Business - Part 1

Listen as we dive into another great Open Friday Coffee with Janine Bolon! She will be answering some of her students’ questions about basic business building.

Transcript - March 22, 2024

Thank you everyone for joining us. I’m Janine Bolon and this is is Open Friday Coffee. Open Friday Coffee originally started because I had a student on my online university and they ask questions and I would answer them and then I just started inviting other people… people that wanted to hang out with me. They also helped me teach my students so we call ourselves the Brain Trust! Thank you for joining us on Open Friday Coffee.

I have two questions that I’m going to be answering for my students. Many of my students don’t show up to Open Friday Coffee. They listen to the YouTube channel so if you are one of those 64 people who are watching the YouTube channel, thank you so much and leave comments below.

Lynette ,my wonderful helper on Help on Deck… we’ll be glad to respond to you unless you want me specifically to respond but she usually notifies me, “hey Janine, there’s a there’s a comment you need to respond to…”

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