We Meet Most Fridays at 8am (Pacific)
VERY informal
SHOW UP when you can
LEAVE when you have to

I started this OPEN Friday Coffee as a call-back to my days as a College Professor where I had OPEN OFFICE HOURS for my students. Since my online university now has 638 students enrolled in over 93 courses, I’ve taken to offering them an opportunity to join me for live Q&A.



12 Hour Books

Jeff Borschowa & Janine Bolon have built networks around the intellectual property of their peers. You can now attract your best people by using their systems of “love letters” to your perfect demographic of readers, listeners and clients. Also, take those statements of wisdom you have between your ears and create a book in less than 12 hours. Here is their workshop on how to get started on the process.

DIY: Creating Your 12 Hour Book

Want to Start a Podcast?

Janine takes a few minutes to answer the global question of, “I’m thinking of starting a podcast. Her answer is usually NOT what people are expecting to hear, but they find her perspective on broadcasting and podcasting refreshing since she’s been in the field since 1982.

Here are 3 points to consider

Do You Have a Media Kit?

Because of the 100s of interviews Janine has done as well as the 100s of guest appearances (51 appearances in 2022 alone), she knows the value of media kits for business owners and authors alike. Take a moment to listen to her response to this question as well as sign up for the next live workshop where you will build out your own media kit with her. 

Don’t you want 25+ years of radio show guesting on your side?

Here is the link to her 90min Media Kit Workshop

Want to have a 1-2-1 with Janine?

Janine charges $299 for a 45min conversation. She will record the conversation so you don’t have to be worried about taking notes. She talks fast and gives you a workable strategy to get your book business the jolt of energy needed to move you into a positive income stream.