Janine Joins Matthew Harms on the PenPodcast1 min read

Janine Bolon joins Matthew Harms, Writer and Host of the PenPodcast

Matthew Harms is the Host of The PenPodcast; the ultimate haven for authors and writing industry connoisseurs alike. Join him as he takes a dive deep into the minds and worlds of accomplished writers and industry experts. He is also a ghostwriter, editor,  blogger and copywriter.

Show Notes

Janine sits down with Matthew and shares her background as an entrepreneur and author, including how she has written 11 books and is currently working on two more. She discusses the importance of having a media kit for guests on podcasts and shares her experience of self-publishing her master’s thesis.

Learn how she offers coaching programs to help authors market their books effectively and listen to her emphasize the importance of authenticity and creating compelling narratives. She also discusses her various writing genres, including money, business, and spirituality, and shares her unique origin story as a “sacred clown.”

Get advice for aspiring writers, and learn the importance of having a clear vision and setting aside dedicated time for writing. Learn how to push through self-doubt and put your work out there.

Janine also emphasizes the importance of understanding the unique spiritual practices of various Native American tribes and shares her extensive research on the subject.

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