Janine on Kickass Boomers with Terry Lohrbeer1 min read

Janine Bolon joins Terry Lorhbeer on the Kickass Boomers podcast!
Terry Lohrbeer is the Host of The Kickass Boomers Podcast  where you can hear stories of Boomers living active lives, taking chances, and making changes happen in the world.

Show Notes

Janine sits down with Terry to discuss her NEW passion project and how it’s helping new and seasoned authors save seven years and $35,000!

Learn how Janine’s passion project is aimed at helping both new and seasoned authors save time and money in their publishing journey. Get insights on streamlining the publishing process, cutting down on unnecessary expenses, and avoiding common pitfalls. You’ll also hear how her project offers valuable resources and guidance to authors, ultimately empowering them to navigate the publishing world more efficiently and effectively.

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