Better Decisions through Meditation3 min read

December is a transition month. Students get out of school, routines are reset and new systems are established. The days become shorter, the sun rises later and winter approaches. This is a month of preparation. And as the fourth quarter of the year sets on our horizon, it is time for reflection. Are we are noticing the things in our life that need our attention? Are we releasing the systems and things in our life that no longer serve us?

Meditation helps us slow down our physical and mental activity giving us the chance to make better choices for our life.

This change of season is here for a purpose: to remind us to take time to focus on ourselves. That’s right. YOU. Since you are the most important person in the world for your life experiences, how long each day do you take the time to focus just on yourself, your needs, your goals, your desires and your life?

If you’re a business owner, parent, teacher or employee, the amount of time each day that you have to be alone, I mean, truly alone with your own thoughts and emotions is quite rare. Your thoughts can end up spinning this time of year with all the needs, changes, adaptations and new information coming into your daily experience.

Meditation gives you a singular opportunity. It allows you to sit, alone, in your own space, and enjoy your own company, even if it is just for a few moments. I recommend a daily meditation practice of 3-5 minutes with no other purpose than to just enjoy being in your own company and take a few minutes to slow down the thoughts moving through your mind. This will allow you to see what sort of thoughts are clogging up your ability to move in the direction you wish to go for your own personal growth.

 This time-honored practice of self-reflection and contemplation allows you to hear yourself think. It is only by this form of experience that you notice just how fast your thoughts are coming to you and just how many thoughts are flooding your mental inbox. This time also allows you the singular opportunity to reroute some of those mental messages that may be unworthy of your attention.

As we move from one season of the year to another, it is especially important that we decide what we want to take with us into the new season and what needs to depart our sphere of influence. Meditation is the key to slowing down our input and output sensory experiences to make calm decisions serving our highest good. What people should stay in our life? What relationships are unhealthy and need to change? Do we need to change? Does our environment need to change? Or do we need to focus on something different than what currently has our attention?

You are the only one that has the necessary qualifications to make these sorts of decisions. It is time for you to slow down your mental decision making process to carefully direct the focus of your life.

Learn how to meditate today. If you need some guidance. I offer a 6-week, self-paced, online course 3 Minute Meditations.

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  1. Gary Barnes

    I really like your article. It reflects a message that I give many of my clients – slow down to go faster.

    We live in such a busy and fast-paced society that we at times miss what is truly important and valuable to our families, businesses and to ourselves!

    Thank you for sharing!

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