Warrior vs. Zombie with David Roberts1 min read

David Roberts joins Janine Bolon to discuss her business journey on Warrior vs. Zombie: Live in the Hive.

Meet David Roberts; Host of the Warrior vs. Zombie Podcast, where Warriors share their story, their Dream and insights into the Zombies they have overcome and those they still battle.

David is also an Author and Business Owner with 45+ years of experience. He enjoys helping aspiring leaders discover, clarify and progress toward their Dream Vision and building communities of servant leaders.

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Show Notes

Janine sits down with David to discuss the importance of embracing the journey to success, drawing parallels between personal struggles and battles against inner and external challenges.

Janine starts by sharing her inspiring story of perseverance and overcoming adversity. The conversation also touches on the importance of education, and Janine’s decision to settle down in Colorado.

Learn about overcoming various challenges, which Janine refers to as “zombies,” including running out of money during college, failing a calculus class, and struggling to find a job after graduation. Despite these challenges, she shares how she learned the value of time and money and now focuses on helping others live debt-free and manage their businesses and personal lives without burnout.

She emphasizes the importance of seeking out mentors and coaches, listening to advice from those in positions of power, and embracing the unknown opportunities for growth.

Listen and learn how to take control of your time, money, knowledge, and sanity to live a fulfilling life.

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