Mindful Mondays with Laura Cross1 min read

Join Janine and Laura Cross on The Mindful Mondays Podcast

Laura Cross is a Veteran and the Owner of White Sands Self-Care; a business where she empowers solopreneurs, and military veterans to improve their health, business, and personal relationships through self-care so they can live a healthier lifestyle, thrive in their business, and have quality time with family and friends. She

Show Notes

Janine sits down with Laura to discuss self-care and how it interwines with her business journey. She begins by sharing her experience in radio and how she became an “audio blogger” in 2003, leading to creation of her podcasts in 2016. She discusses her approach to working with mystics, psychics, and shamans, encouraging them to share their stories through writing.

Janine also shares her new writing program, “The Write Habit,” which provides a safe environment for authors and writers to express their unique voices and offers accountability through group meetings. She emphasizes the importance of building relationships and staying in touch, encouraging patience and openness to clarification. 

Please check out Laura’s community and Open Friday Coffee. Both are valuable resources for those looking to write a book or those in the mystic realm.

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