The Utlimate Journey of Self-Care1 min read

Join Alison Katschkowsky and Janine Bolon to discuss the ultimate journey of self care!

Meet Alison Katschkowsky; Host of the Ultimate Journey of Self Care Podcast. Catch her on both Tuesdays and Thursdays where she meets with amazing people around the globe and discusses self-cafe in both the personal and business world.

Her Tuesday shows feature a deeper dive into what self care can look like with conversations about fitness, mindset, energy eating and fuel for your body, spirituality, travel and leisure and more.

On Thursdays, she takes a closer look at self care for your business as an entrepreneur, with short bite sized episodes about growing and innovating in your business in a post pandemic world.

Show Notes

This time of year the name of the game is DOING IT ALL.

There is a sense of urgency and a need to stay busy all the time.  So what is actually going on when we are staying busy?  Is it because we are overscheduled, or avoiding what is really going on?

We all know what the concept of ‘relaxation’ is–but how can we actually practice it?

Listen to Alison’s chat with Janine and walk away with some easy concepts and thoughts to help you frame your idea of relaxation.

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