This is a self-paced course I have designed for all my students and friends who have asked me how to meditate. 

You have access to this course for as long as the servers run. Feel free to come back and refresh your memory whenever you start to struggle in your meditation practice.

Here is what we will be covering over the next 6 weeks (The pace recommended for your content). 

  • Introduction

    1. Outline of the Course
    2. Creating a Space to Meditate
    3. Carving Out Time for Meditation
    4. The Successful Mindset
  • Learning to Sit

    1. Posture
    2. Chair
    3. Foot & Hand Placement
  • Learning to Breathe

    1. Hindu Breathing Technique
    2. 12-12-12 Breathing
    3. Buffalo’s Abundance Breathing
    4. Dolphin’s Deep Breathing
  • Sitting Forms of Meditation

    1. Floor & Pillow
    2. Chair
    3. Prone
    4. Riding the Bus & Waiting Around 
  • Walking Forms of Meditations

    1. Lunch Break Routine
    2. Forested Trail
    3. Park
    4. Exercising & Jogging
    5. To the Mailbox
  • Incorporating Meditation into your Daily Life

    1. Right after Rising
    2. Morning
    3. Lunch Break
    4. Before Dinner
    5. Before Bed
    6. The Once-a-Week Stretch
  • Bonus Materials: Affirmations, Tips and Techniques

    1. Affirmations
    2. The Different Forms of Yoga
    3. Meditation Tips for the Wandering Mind
    4. Eating Habits
    5. Fasting

This is the course that supplements “Money…It’s Not Just for Rich People” Here is the description of the method used by my family that saved us thousands of dollars a year on our food bill. This workbook has forms at the back so you can create your own price book.

This 4 week course is based on the book and seminar series I taught while an adjunct professor at a local college in 2005. I am now teaching it online to the children of those first high school students who Beta Tested this system 13 years ago. Thank you, folks for allowing me to teach the next generation financial & business principles. It truly is an honor.

Course Starts on April 1st runs for 4 weeks

In 2005 I wrote a small little booklet to help a group of students get better with their money. It was a total of 60 pages long.

The results of this book have shown my students how to get out of debt and save money on their current incomes. 95% of my students managed to change their financial situations for the better within 90 days of this course. The other 5% never did the exercises or didn’t keep the cycle of money flowing.

What do you get from this course?

  • The 60/40 principle allows you to take your current income and Drop Your Debt while Saving Money.
  • Your create your own systems for discontinuing spending that doesn’t bring you benefit
  • You gain control of your financial situation 
  • By the end of 90 days you have become a habitual saver.
  • You’ll know what to do with your money.

I will host “LIVE” Office Hours every Friday from (noon-1pm) Mountain Time

You will be given the opportunity every Friday through December 13, 2019 to hop onto our ZOOM meeting and ask questions. I’ll also email you before Friday so that you can ask your questions ahead of time, thus receiving a more in depth answer from me.

Normally this level of support would cost you:

  • 37 hours of financial consultation @ $300/ hour = $11,100
  • Online course at a University for Personal Finance = $1,000
  • 38 hours of Q&A from a Money Maven (that’s me!) = $18,810

For a total of $30,910

However, I’m offering you this quality content and financial support for only:


Course Starts on April 1st runs for 4 weeks

Welcome to Your Community of Writers, Now Write That Book!

In 2005 I was a college professor teaching mathematics and physics to non-majors. It was during that year that I published my first book. I didn’t consider myself an author or even a writer. I saw myself as a scientist.  Within a year of publishing, “Money…It’s Not Just for Rich People!” I was asked by my college Mentor to teach the rest of the graduate students how to take their thesis documents and transform them into published books.

 I taught that first class by the uninspiring title of:


Ever since that first class I’ve been teaching people like you how to pull those ideas out of your head and get your thoughts typed into word document!

This course will take you from the desire of wanting to write a book to creating a writing system that will allow you to create a Ready-to-Edit Manuscript. 

This course is self-paced and has “live” office hours with me for Q&A scheduled on ZOOM Every Friday from noon-1pm (Mountain Time) 

When you sign up for the class you will receive alerts 2 days and, again, one hour before the Office Hours begin.

This course has no description.

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