This Short Course Answers these Questions:

What is a Media Kit?

Why do I need a Media Kit?

How do I Make a Media Kit?

With Whom do I Share my Media Kit?

  • What is a Media Kit?

    1. Start Here
    2. The Press Kit
    3. Today’s Media Kit/Press Kit
  • Why do I Need a Media Kit?

    1. Who is “Media” and why do they need a “Kit”?
    2. Events-the press release
    3. Authors-book launches
    4. Speakers-hyperlinks
    5. Creatives-promote products
  • How do I Make a Media Kit?

    1. The Over-the-Shoulder-Tutorial 
    2. Media Kits for Each Dimension of Your Business
    3. Real Life Examples of Media Kits 
    4. Media Kit Checklist
  • Sending Out Your Media Kit

    1. You’re Now Pro!
  • Interviews with Media Kit Pros

    See them here–>>TWHCC

This course is only:

Price: $97

This online course & twice-a-month group coaching is for anyone who has ever read my books, been a student, heard me speak about living an abundant life.

I highly recommend this easy opt-in program where you get to participate in twice-a-month Q&A on ZOOM as well as take the online course with accountability from me.

All sessions are recorded for viewing later. Roughly 85% of the participants email me questions and listen to the recordings after the “live” events.

Held on the 1st & 3rd Thursdays at 8am (Mountain Time) on ZOOM!

This is the place where your questions are answered. 

As a Financial First-Responder, Author of 9 books, course creator and international speaker, I get a lot of questions about my content, classes and systems. 

In an effort to lend you support, accountability and continued inspiration I’ve created these online “office hours” much like what I used to hold as a Professor when I was teaching Math & Science.

If you are unable to attend these sessions “live,” don’t worry. 

They are recorded. 

85% of this community listens to the recordings.

You are welcome to email me your questions the day before my Office Hours and  I will address your questions during Thursday’s sessions.

Price: $37/month

The Write Habit-A Community of Writers

This Writer’s Group will take you from the desire of wanting to write to creating a writing habit that will allow you to create a book-a-year.

You will receive:

  • Guidelines walking you through the creative process necessary to become a writer
  • Techniques used by amateur and professional writers to keep their creative systems going
  • Tip sheets for breaking through the emotional blocks you may have to writing
  •  Twice-a-Month Online Meetings (January – October) on Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm (Mountain Time)

Here is a program & community that teaches you how to create the writer’s habits necessary for success as well as accountability meetings to keep you on track. 

It is time to make The Write Habit!

  • Welcome, Writer!

    1. Start Here
    2. Time to Label Yourself
    3. The purpose of this community-Publish!
  • You are a Writer

    1. Get Your Calendar
    2. Be Sure to Get Support
    3. Put Down the “Known”
  • Systems of a Writer

    1. The 4 Step Writing Process
  • Figuring Out Your “Why?”

    1. Meet Tim Grahl
  • The Facilitator

    1. Meet Your Guide
  • Bonus Materials

    1. 5 To-Do’s Before Hiring an Editor-Heather Hobbs
    2. Different types of editors
    3. How do I get a literary agent?

This online community is only:

Price: $37/month

The Grocery Store Game

This is the course that supplements “Money…It’s Not Just for Rich People” This is the complete system I used with my family that saved us thousands of dollars per year on our food bill. This program is a self-paced video program and has forms and templates throughout it so you can create your own price book.

  • Achieving Success with this Course

    1. Welcome to the Grocery Store Game
    2. Setting Up the Appointment
    3. Be Sure to Get Support
    4. Things You Need to be Successful
  • Rules of the Game

    1. More Isn’t Always Better
    2. Do you Know the Game?
    3. How the Game is Played
    4. The Weekly Grind
  • The Myths that Cost us Money

    1. “The Ugly 5”
    2. The Myth Monsters
  • Your Guide to the Mind Games

    1. Stay Aware of Your Mental State
    2. Your 20 Point Checklist 
  1. Bringing it All Together

    1. Creating Your Power Tool
    2. [Example] Eggs
    3. [Example] Milk

You’re On Your Way

  1. Your Third Largest Expense


  • Further Reading

    1. Excellent Books to Support Your New Shopping Habits
  • Templates & Checklists

    1. Do the Math!
    2. Price Book Pages
    3. Checklist for Shopping

This self-paced course is $45


In 2005 I wrote a book to help a small group of students get better with their money. 

The results of this book have shown my students how to get out of debt and save money on their current incomes. 95% of my students managed to change their financial situations for the better within 90 days of this course. The other 5% never did the exercises or didn’t keep the cycle of money flowing.

What do you get from this coaching?

  • The 60/40 principle allows you to take your current income and Drop Your Debt while Saving Money.
  • Your create your own systems for discontinuing spending that doesn’t bring you benefit
  • You gain control of your financial situation 
  • By the end of 90 days you have become a habitual saver.
  • You’ll know how to direct your dollars.

We meet the 1st & 3rd Thursdays of the Month.

All sessions are recorded and if you are unable to attend the “live” ZOOM meetings, you can email me your questions and I’ll answer them in video format so you have a reference.


This coaching program is being offered to guide you into the financial habits that demonstrate regenerative abilities when it comes to cash and finances. You will establish systems and routines that will pull you from debt into habitual saving practices allowing you to fulfill your life’s purpose.


  1. Thrive! Don’t just Survive
  2. Implementing the 60/40 Principle
  3. Living on My Income
  4. Making Money Work for Me
  5. Philanthropy
  6. Tools of the Trade


By the end of this course you will have established:

  • Two separate savings accounts that you habitually invest in
  • Two separate organizations that  you habitually give donations
  • Established a system for money management and tracking
  • Use your Grocery Store Adventures to decrease your expenses while increasing your fun!

Thrive! Don’t Just Survive (Module 1)

There is no point to increasing money flowing to you if you don’t have a plan on how

you are going to spend it. That’s right! Paying off your debt is only one small aspect

to spending your money. There is a lot more to your life that needs attention and is

fun! This module will tap into what makes life fun for you and how to take the

money that comes to you and focus it on financial stability and a happy lifestyle.


You will discover:


  • What you need to know BEFORE more money comes into your life– you can focus your resources on achieving the life of joy you deserve
  • The 5 Laws of Wealth Accumulation – the money cycles in operation allowing you to target your maximum saving and minimal spending goals.
  • Create achievable financial targets – goals that you will hit every time 

You will receive:


  • Online Strength Quiz: discover where your emotional barriers to wealth reside so those limits can be dissolved
  • Power Tool: Course Outcomes Planning Tool (the questions needed to focus your finances AND provide clarity on your goals-love that!)

Implementing the 60/40 Principle (Module 2)

Control! Control over your finances! This has been lacking before. With minimal

effort, you’ll see your savings account grow and your debt decrease.


You will discover:


  • The Flow of Money – how to work with it so that in 15 min a day you’ll manage your cash with peace of mind.
  • The Intimate Relationship between debt and savings – learn the trick that few practice to drop your debt while stashing money in retirement funds.
  • Create Financial Traction – using the simple 60/40 System you’ll be creating an estate of value and spending money on your dreams.

You will receive:


  • The Money Flow Map: discover the movement of money and how not to block it with impulsive decisions
  • Power Tool: Division of Money Worksheet. This handy device keeps you financially on track and reminded daily of how to divide your money so that it flows where you want it to flow! Now that’s Control!

Living on My Income (Module 3)

You know how to spend money. Now let’s learn how to spend money well. There are

places you need to spend money that are closer to your power base. What is your

power base? Your passion for living! We want you to thrive on your income not just



This module takes you from living-paycheck-to-paycheck and sets you firmly on

your life adventure through daily choices that are in-line with your exciting purpose.


You will discover:

  • The Budget Buster – the one simple habit that makes middle-class millionaires without the deprivation mindset of a budget
  • Emotional Land Mines – make those emotional blockades work for you rather than against you. They have power. Transmute it for your benefit.
  • Ditching Debt – by using the 60/40 System you’ll be releasing the weight of debt so you are financially free to travel the life you deserve.

You will receive:

  • The Impulse Buying Guide: Ask these questions before you buy anything and you’ll drop your expenses significantly. This is a life changer!
  • Power Tool: The Cost Cutter Template. Creation of this one plan will transform your mindset so you create the financial well-being you crave.

Making Money Work for Me (Module 4)

You work hard for the money. (Thank you, Donna Summer!) Don’t you want it to do

it’s share of work, too? This module shows you the eighth wonder of the world

according Albert Einstein. Knowing the power of compound interest moves you

from paying it to earning it!


You will discover:

  • Pay Yourself Twice – you pay down your debt quicker.
  • Compound Interest – Can you count to ten? Then you can handle this math.
  • Savings Priorities – how to organize your savings for future and current expenses of college, parental care, medical bills, etc. without getting dizzy.

You will receive:

  • Calculating Compound Interest: Easy Math for a Powerful wealth builder
  • Power Tool: The Rule of 72 worksheet. The easy way to do the math.

Philanthropy (Module 5)

Give it away! Say what? But I worked hard for my money. Why should I just give it

away? Well, actually you don’t. You give it away after doing a bit of research. Learn

how to give money away with style! Your style! This way the money goes to people

that you want to help.


You will discover:

  • How to Navigate the Seas of Charities – so that your money goes exactly where you intend it.
  • Joyful Purpose in Community Support– the support that you need to keep motivated on your long term goals.
  • Ninja Stealth Giving– donating to others without revealing yourself. The excitement of anonymous giving and the adventure of seeing dreams come true for others through your donations.

You will receive:

  • The Top 5 Charity Navigational Tools: Picking a Charity has never been easier.
  • Power Tool: The Charity Interview Template. How to ask questions that tell you more then any financial report can.

Tools of the Trade: Behaviors that Bring Results to You FAST!  (Module 6)

Sharpen your wealth accumulation behaviors to a razor’s fine edge so you can move toward your goals faster. Here you get to see the many different ways you can design your financial path and then step out onto that walkway with confidence. Your personally customized plan will be built from your own work that you have created over the past month.


You will discover:

  • Do the Math! – saving money at each store by using your phone!
  • The Grocery Store Game– create and personalize your very own Price Book and save 15% on your food bill in the first 30 days of use.
  • Gorilla Shopping-The 25 different ways you can save money at any store.

You will receive:

  • The Quick Start 10 Check List: Keep your momentum going after the class with this handy checklist that will help you stay focused and on your financial targets.
  • Power Tool: The Grocery Store Game Price Book Template. The Printable worksheet that becomes your “memory” for the lowest prices eve


Not able to attend meetings right now?

Buy the book here–>> Money…It’s Not Just for Rich People!


The Thriving Solopreneur

This four-part system that will show you how to increase your income through your use of effective client relations. What most folks say is, “Relationship Marketing”

In this course, you will learn how to:

Attract customers

Follow up with customers

What to say to customers

Create systems to efficiently run your business

All of this is done without sounding “sales-y”

If you wish to create long-term relationships with your customer base, this is the plan for you. Once-a- Month we have “live” training & group coaching that are recorded if you can’t make it.

All Questions are Answered.

  • Welcome

    1. Who is Your Boss?
    2. Creating My Perfect Week
    3. Setting Your Parameters
  • Prospecting

    1. What do I say?
    2. Creating Clients
    3. Connectivity
    4. Don’t Sell
    5. Memory Jogger
  • Follow-Up

    1. Creating Your System
    2. Janine’s Follow Up System
    3. Ian’s Follow-Up System
    4. Kristen’s Follow-Up System
  • Cool Stuff & Resources

    1. Getting Support
    2. MailChimp Advice on Emails
    3. Interviews with Successful Network Marketers

You will receive:

  • Established a routine for prospecting new customers

  • Identified the “time” barriers that keep you from reaching out to more people 

  • Created your system for following up on phone calls and current clients

  • Built a solid foundation for the incorporation of new people to your business

  • Monthly Training is “live” with Q&A group coaching

Price: $37 a month subscription

This is a self-paced course I have designed for all my students and friends who have asked me how to meditate. 

After you’ve finished this course,  feel free to come back and refresh your memory whenever you start to struggle in your meditation practice.

  • Introduction

    1. Outline of the Course
    2. Creating a Space to Meditate
    3. Carving Out Time for Meditation
    4. The Successful Mindset
  • Learning to Sit

    1. Posture
    2. Chair
    3. Foot & Hand Placement
  • Learning to Breathe

    1. Hindu Breathing Technique
    2. 12-12-12 Breathing
    3. Buffalo’s Abundance Breathing
    4. Dolphin’s Deep Breathing
  • Sitting Forms of Meditation

    1. Floor & Pillow
    2. Chair
    3. Prone
    4. Riding the Bus & Waiting Around 
  • Walking Forms of Meditations

    1. Lunch Break Routine
    2. Forested Trail
    3. Park
    4. Exercising & Jogging
    5. To the Mailbox
  • Incorporating Meditation into your Daily Life

    1. Right after Rising
    2. Morning
    3. Lunch Break
    4. Before Dinner
    5. Before Bed
    6. The Once-a-Week Stretch
  • Bonus Materials: Affirmations, Tips and Techniques

    1. Affirmations
    2. The Different Forms of Yoga
    3. Meditation Tips for the Wandering Mind
    4. Eating Habits
    5. Fasting

By the end of this course you will have:

  • Established a meditation routine that works for you & your lifestyle

  • Identified the emotional & physical barriers that keep you from meditating 

  • Overcome your biggest barrier to making time to meditate

  • Become a contributing member to the up-liftment of humanity

Price: $149

Walking the Medicine Wheel with Shamans

Walking the Medicine Wheel is a process mystical Native Americans and tribal shamans have used for centuries to focus their psychic gifts to create positive change in their environments, relationships and physical bodies. 

Janine has walked Medicine Wheels for Native American Tribes as well as worked internationally for prayer conferences, business conferences and tribal ceremonies in 7 different countries. Of the 15+ different tribes she has worked with, each uses the Wheel in a different way and with different intentions. 

Walking the Medicine Wheel can be as intimate as an individual coming to Source for the desire to be free of an affliction or as public as an entire tribe walking the wheel to heal a river of pollution.

This program discusses the more intimate, personal uses of the Medicine Wheel. Come to this course bringing your personal intention for change and let’s bring a Season of Spring into your personal transformation.

  • Welcome to the Medicine Wheel

    1. Start Here Sequence
    2. The Handout
    3. The Original “Live” Class Introduction
  • The Purpose of a Wheel

    1. Seeking a Medicine Wheel
    2. Traditional Vision Quests
    3. Gate of Entry
  • The North Gate

    1. The Gate of Healing
  • The East Gate

    1. The Gate of Inspiration
  • The South Gate

    1. The Gate of Dreams
    2. Shadow Meditation
  • The West Gate

    1. The Gate of Expansion
  • Walking the Wheel

    1. Your Personal Journey Around the Wheel
    2. Totem Animals
    3. Oracle Cards or Tarot Cards
    4. Pendulum
    5. The Wheel as a Meditation Device
  • The Wrap-Up!

    1. Getting Help from Your Ancestors
    2. Building Your Own Wheel


Price: $179

This 10 Step Audio Program Contains:

Lesson 1: Clarity on Cash

Lesson 2: Know What You Want

Lesson 3: Cheerful Cooperation with Cash

Lesson 4: Tracking those Coins

Lesson 5: A Price Book for Buying Groceries

Lesson 6: Examine Disposable Products

Lesson 7: Positive Purposes for the Law of Cause & Effect

Lesson 8: The Flow of Money

Lesson 9: The 60/40 Principle

Lesson 10: The 10-Steps to Abundance


This course was originally created as a radio program, but was then was expanded to include the links, resources, notes and articles highlighted in the radio show. 

Instead of this material being scattered throughout my blogs, podcasts, youtube channels and guest programs, I’ve brought it all together into one place for you to listen, take notes and integrate these lessons.

Price: $27

The Mystics MasterMind 

This mastermind group was created at the behest of readers to “The Divine Series.” 

By becoming a member you will receive inspiration from the entire network of mystics:

  • Twice-a-Month “live” discussions with psyhics, mediums and mystics  (recorded for later viewing)

  • Interviews of the psychics, mystics and shamans that Janine has mentioned in her writings

  • Videos and study guides of the metaphysical literature that the network has read

Price: $37/month