Janine on The Idiot Mystic with Haider Qayyum1 min read

Janine Bolon joins Haider Qayyum on the Idiot Mystic Podcast

Haider Qayyum is the host of The Idiot Mystic; a show which delves into matters of consciousness, spirituality, esoterica, psychedelics and the extra-physical in general.

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Show Notes

Janine joins Haider and shares her experiences of feeling out of place and unheard as a young woman with unconventional thoughts and aspirations.

Janine also discusses how she found solace in reading and libraries, as well as her belief in an inner voice that guides her. She explains how she encourages those who feel spiritually confused to seek answers for themselves.

Listen as both Haider and Janine touch on the concept of waking up and enlightenment including the challenges of communicating experiences of otherworldly encounters. They emphasize the need to respect individual choices and encourages a more introspective outlook on personal growth.

You’ll also hear their experiences of moving beyond the astral plane and reaching a place of unity with the source.

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