Lightning Strikes Twice! Transform Your Life and Finances with Laura Cross3 min read

Lightning Strikes Twice! Janine Bolon joins Laura Cross on Mindful Mondays

Laura Cross is a Veteran and the Owner of White Sands Self-Care; a business where she empowers solopreneurs, and military veterans to improve their health, business, and personal relationships through self-care so they can live a healthier lifestyle, thrive in their business, and have quality time with family and friends. She

Show Notes

In another exciting episode with Laura, Janine shares her unique experiences of being struck by lightning twice in her life and how these moments shaped her perspective and influenced her career. (The first experience was a physical one during her middle school years and the second was a spiritual awakening.)

Bolon also discusses her expertise in helping individuals expand their gifts and tap into their inner wisdom for financial empowerment, emphasizing the importance of tracking expenses and being mindful of where money is going. She encourages individuals to find tools that make tracking easy and stress-free and to evaluate subscriptions to cancel those that no longer align with their purpose.

You’ll also hear Janine’s personal revelations about the nature of reality and the role of challenging experiences in personal growth, emphasizing the importance of intuition and trusting oneself. She encourages men to trust their intuition as well and shares her communication strategy with them.

Bonus – Get information on Janine’s upcoming community retreat in Colorado!

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