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Janine Bolon joins John Chen on the Engaging Virtual Meetings Podcast

John Chen is the Host of Engaging Virtual Meetings; a podcast where you meet incredible members of the community and discover their different and unique viewpoints on how they create engaging virtual meetings.

  • Are you working from home?
  • Do your virtual meetings drain your energy?
  • Is video exhaustion real for you?

Check out John’s 6-step ENGAGE method to help beat Zoom fatigue while learning a host of other tips for running your virtual meeting efficiently!

Show Notes

Janine joins John to discuss her experience as a scientist, author, and speaker and how she is helping people create fulfilling lives through her books and podcast, including “Open Friday Coffee.”

She reminisces about meeting John and shares her journey of using video conferencing platforms since the late 1990s. During the call, they discuss tools like the OBSbot and iRig HD2 mic, as well as personal experiences with virtual learning, cancelled events, and forming connections through direct mail.

Janine also introduces Cricut, a versatile machine for creating custom cards, branded items, and more. The conversation highlights the importance of clear communication, connection, and finding joy in life, even during challenging times.

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