Janine Featured on The Financially Free Author Show1 min read

Janine joins Carolyn Choate on the Financially Free Author Show!
Carolyn Choate is the Host of The Financially Free Author Show. She is also a Funnel Tech & Book Marketing Professional.
Carolyn’s funnel mapping strategy sessions are a great way to go through your business, your goals, and your plans together while getting a custom diagram of your perfect ideal funnel. (And you’ll have the option to have her build it all for you in just one week with a Funnel By Friday!)

Show Notes

You’ve written your book and are now a published author. This is the time when your marketing work really kicks into high gear.

Create your media kit, build your systems for follow-up and you’ll have more speaking gigs from referrals and requests then you’d have without doing this work.

But what is the key element most authors & guests are missing? A media kit for their marketing plan. Having systems in place for media appearances that include outreach, a media kit, follow-up and referrals keeps your book front-and-center of podcasters and other media show hosts.

Join us as we discuss the first steps to taking your book on a virtual podcasting tour including:

  • How to be a stand out guest by doing the appropriate pre-work before getting on a podcast show
  • What to bring to your interview for the podcast host
  • Where you should emphasize your focus for the listeners of your host’s program
  • What activities you should engage in after you’ve been a guest

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