Silence the Mindcluck with Maria T. Finch1 min read

Janine Bolon joins Maria T. Finch on the Mindcluck Podcast to discuss the story you tell yourself as a high achiever and entrepreneur

Maria T. Finch is an Intuitive Strategy Guide and host of Silence the Mindcluck Podcast, where she chats with accomplished people from all walks of life.

Maria extracts the practical ways successful people use to shut down mindcluck and achieve important goals.

Get inspired by these real life examples and try out the methods these high achievers utilize.

Learn new ways to quiet your mind and enjoy feeling calmer, more confident, and more secure.

Show Notes

What story do you tell yourself?  Choose to create heaven on earth in your head.  

Janine shares her background and how the stories we tell ourselves directly influence our life experience.  “Our brain can create whatever story we want if we point it in the right direction.”  By shifting perspective on whatever situation you may find yourself in, you can quiet your mind and move on in an empowering way.  You can create heaven on earth in your head.  Do not miss this enlightening episode!

What you’ll learn: 

  • Shifting your perspective will shift your experience.
  • By asking yourself, “How is this the best thing that happened to me?”  You can change the lens through which you view your circumstances.
  • Trying to seek light is better than feeling stuck.
  • You can self-heal and have a healthy mind, body, emotion and spirituality.
  • What breathing technique works for you?
  • And much more!

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