Janine Bolon on The New Channel with Michelle Mras1 min read

The New Channel Interview - The Mental Shift with Janine Bolon and Michelle Mras

Michelle Mras is a Global Award-winning keynote speaker, executive speaker coach, Podcaster & Host of Mental Shift on The New Channel, TNC. She is also a best selling author of 3 published books: Eat, Drink, and Be Mary: A Glimpse Into A Life Well Lived, It’s Not Luck, Overcoming You  and The 13 Steps to Riches – Habitude Warrior Volume 1: Desire

People call her the Truth Brick, because her words hit with exactly what you need to hear to reclaim your life, overcome your inner critic, and be who you need to be.

Visit Michelle’s website here.

Show Notes

Janine Bolon, Podcaster, Author, Speaker and Mentor, joins Michelle Mras to discuss her many side businesses and how to manage a well-lived life of children, family, friends and clients while not suffering from burnout.

Her 4 hour a week system keeps new clients coming in while you manage the clients you already have.

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