How to Run a Business, Not Have it Run You1 min read

Janine Bolon joins Tom Ruwitch on the Story Power Marketing Show to discuss how to run a business!

Tom Ruwitch is the Host of The Story Power Marketing Show. He is also the CEO of Story Power Marketing; a firm that helps you transform content from boring to brilliant, turn marketing from frustrating to fun, and convert results from pitiful to profitable. 

Show Notes

Janine sits down with Tom to discuss how to start and run a business without allowing it to run you!

Listen to learn:

  • How Janine started her own business at the ripe age of 10! 
  • The courage to say no and stand by your values
  • Why you can’t burn out
  • The importance of clarity and clarity
  • The importance of understanding the profit margin
  • Why work-life balance is a fabrication

And more!

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