Janine Joins Lisa Brewer on the Sunday Soul Podcast1 min read

Janine Bolon joins Lisa Brewer on the Sunday Soul Podcast

Lisa Brewer is the Host of the Sunday Soul Podcast. She is also a Doctor of Metaphysics & Divinity, CEO of Heart of Inspiration, & Creator of the Complete Lightworker System.

She teaches entrepreneurs how to create (or grow) their spiritual business, increase their gifts and abilities, and live in abundance and purpose.

Visit her website here.

Show Notes

Janine joins Lisa Brewer to talk all things money, spiritual mindset and more. Listen to understand:

  • Financial freedom and insights
  • The importance of identifying one’s mindset in relation to abundance and money
  • The power of treating money in a positive way
  • The significance of communicating and self-expression for empaths and healers
  • How to gain financial abundance through practical courses, books, and group coaching programs.

Janine and Lisa also dive into the importance of approaching money with a sense of abundance, a desire to serve, mindfulness, and gratitude.

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