Create a Thriving Business – Janine Bolon and Meredith Bell1 min read

Strong for Performance Podcast - with Janine Bolon and Meredith Bell: Create a Thriving Business with These 4 Consistent Actions

Meredith Bell is the President and Co-Founder of Performance Support Systems and has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs, leaders, consultants and coaches.  

In her first business as a consultant and trainer, she conducted hundreds of programs for leaders and the members of their teams to help them communicate and work together more effectively.

Meredith is the host of the popular Grow Strong Leaders Podcast and is also a frequent guest on podcasts, where she addresses topics like essential communication skills for the workplace, the benefits of focusing on giving and being of service, and what’s required to develop positive habits and skills over time.

Show Notes

Janine joins Meredith to discuss business development!


  • The 4 elements in Janine’s system that should be on your calendar every week
  • How to create audio messages that are authentic and compelling…and result in people wanting to talk to you
  • The low-tech, automated solution Janine uses to stay in touch and follow up
  • Why it’s critical to set aside time each week for your own education

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