Say “Thank You” Today to that Special Person1 min read

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thankyouThis morning after working out, I checked my email and had a one line note from a very dear friend of mine, Penny. All it consisted of was:



I traveled to her blog to find out an important life-mentor of hers had died and she was writing others to tell of the effect, “George” had on her life and how she wanted everyone to thank the person who has helped you get where you are today.


During times of great challenge, sometimes I forget to be in a frame of gratitude because fear will clog up my thinking. So, today…I will state the same thing as my friend, Penny. Thank someone who has helped you along this road of life. By changing our focus we change our reality and the type of world I like best is one of kindness and gratitude.


So, as you move through your day, change your reality…focus on all those wonderful people who make our days just a bit easier. The kind cashier that helps us with that stupid debit card machine, the bank teller who smiles at us and seems to really want to make our time at the bank easier, the receptionist who looks at us with compassion. We have so many people in our lives that smile at us, give us a bit of cheer and then move on. Now, if your life is in such a place where you don’t see a lot of this happening then I will advise you the way Mother Teresa advised,
“If you see someone who is not smiling, give them one of yours.”
Have a great week, everyone, and thank you for reading this post.

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