024 – The 10 Steps to Abundance

Relax! Breathe! You have better control of your money now! So what are the 10 Steps you could implement right now for Abundance? Write down your eulogy, your goals and purpose statement. Review your goals as frequently as possible. This keeps

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023 – The 60-40 Principle (Step 9)

You allocate your money in this way using the 60/40 principle: 60% you live on. This goes into your main checking account 10% goes into a long-term saving vehicle (IRA, 401k, Keogh account, solo401k) for retirement. If you don’t currently have

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022 – The Flow of Money (Step 8)

Money is not linear. It moves in a huge circle through our lives and if you’re able to direct your dollars into the three areas it needs to keep regenerating, you’ll keep your cash flow increasing. The flow of money is

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