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Janine Bolon joins Maria T. Finch on the Mindcluck Podcast to discuss the story you tell yourself as a high achiever and entrepreneur

Who knew that a productivity drink could be made out of such wholesome ingredients? A few months ago I was contacted by an energetic author and business owner about his new product, the “Magic Mind Productivity Drink.” He offered to send me samples for an honest review on my blog and I thought, “Sure, I’m always looking for a different way to be productive!” So the samples were sent to me.

On December 1st I broke open the packaging to give it a try during my most heavily tasked time of year. Enclosed were three sample bottles of the product as well as a booklet that had QR codes that lead me to the introduction of James’ story of why he created the product as well as the intensive science behind the drink.

The first time I had the drink, the taste was a bit harsh and I realized that I had forgotten to do what was recommended in the booklet. Silly me. James recommends that you refrigerate the drink to make it more palatable as well as have it with your morning coffee. I had done neither.

The second day I had the drink with my coffee and it was much better chilled. I noticed that I was humming along my day and I didn’t have the issue with the 2pm slump like I’ve had in times past.

The third day I found the drink totally acceptable to my palate, I had it alongside my breakfast and coffee and was doing so well that I forgot to have lunch and didn’t even realize it until I wondered why I was so hungry at dinner time! LOL!

The benefits of the drink do build over time. Just as James discusses in his videos and his bestselling book, Beyond Coffee


For those three days I was able to be quite productive even with tech glitches abounding and several challenges that were presented to my company. I was able to make it through without pounding down the coffee or running down the hall to get a snack. That was the biggest benefit I noticed in my life, the need for a sugar or caffeine boost was gone. Wow! In just three days.

I highly recommend this productivity drink for those of you wishing to lessen the caffeine in your life and work at being more productive. It does have the side benefit of being a beverage that is easy to digest and fits into your routine without any prep time on your part. Also, no sugar or caffeine crashes for me either. That was a bonus!

James Beshara, I’m sorry you had a visit to the ER to receive the inspiration to create an alternative drink product, but thank you for taking the time, energy and effort to do so. You’ve got a solid productivity drink that has multiple benefits and no discernible downsides to performance. Thank you!

Janine Bolon

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