Kellogg’s FiberPlus Bars–What a Treat!4 min read

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51X5v0+ZTTL._SL500_AA300_First off, know that this is not a “paid” endorsement. Two months ago I was given an opportunity to beta-test a new product from Kellogg’s. Their FiberPlus Bars. I was contacted by a very nice saleswoman, Martha, who asked if I was willing to participate in this product launch since I was a “frugal” mom and had my own blog. Wow! “Cool!” I thought, free product and an opportunity to voice my opinion to people who want it.” How fun is that? (Can you tell I’m used to teenagers?)

Anyhow, I received in the mail a week later a nice little lunch bag complete with three FiberPlus Bars:
Chocolate Chip
Dark Chocolate Almond (Turned out to be my favorite of the three)
Chocolatey Peanut Butter
It just so happened that I was doing a lot of traveling during this time so I quickly stuffed the free bars into my bags and literally ran out the door to make sure I wouldn’t be late for the plane.
You know me, I’m not one that really “does” prepared food. I usually cook from scratch and the only time I buy processed stuff is when I am on-the-road. And even with that I don’t stop off at fast-food places. I stop off at grocery stores and buy from their deli counters. Not only do I save money with this, but I get food that is a bit better for my digestion. (And the kids each get exactly what they want, did I mention I have four kids? LOL!)
Well, dear reader, I have to admit. I was really surprised at how good these bars were. I mean, come on, “FIBERPLUS” Bars? The name doesn’t even ring like a good thing for me. It is not an item I would have reached for on my grocer’s shelf! However, they tasted great as I was flying over the Rocky Mountains headed for San Diego. As I was given my beverage by the airline, I munched happily on the Chocolatey Peanut Butter Bar. It was the perfect snack for this trip since I was unable to grab breakfast before I left for the airport.
Data: Being trained as a bench chemist (in my pre-mom life), you know how I love my data so here you go:
Calories for a FiberPlus Bar (Dark Chocolate Almond) relative to leading name-brand dark chocolate bar that I adore and has nuts and caramel.
130 calories to FiberPlus whereas 271 calories for my chocolate bar (ouch!)
FiberPlus 5 grams fat; 13.6 for chocolate bar (Oh, man, really?)
FiberPlus 24 grams carbs; 34 grams for chocolate bar (I’m starting to really whimper here!)
FiberPlus 7 grams sugar; 29 grams for chocolate bar (I’m feel’n pain.)
FiberPlus 2 grams protein; 4 grams for chocolate bar (of course.)
Now, this is far from a scientific study, but for me I had only one complaint with the bar. It was a tad too sweet for my taste. That’s because I make a lot of my own food and I really cut down on sugar. Even in cakes and cookies, I’ll use 1/3 to 1/2 less the sugar in the recipes. Because of this, to me, the bars were too sweet.
However, as much as I dislike processed food, I have to admit that the next time I’m traveling and need a quick snack, I’ll be reaching for these silly bars from Kellogg’s. Grrrr! Why?
  1. The calories are less than my favorite chocolate bar (Dark chocolate with almonds and caramel!)
  2. The sugar content is WAY, WAY less. sigh.
  3. Those dratted FiberPlus bars kept me “full” filling far longer than my other bar does.
  4. It took longer for me to chew them then my chocolate bar and hence I felt like I “had” more to eat then my alternative snack treat. Psychological tricks that worked.
Bummer, it looks like, yet again, I’ll have to make a change in the way I eat. So, there you go, dear one, I totally thought I would dislike this processed food (Talk to Martha the salesperson for Kellogg, I actually told her I wasn’t suited for her demographic!) However, I have to eat crow here and say that under certain situations, I’ll be reaching for one of these bars over other treats.
Dang it! I hate it when that happens!
Have a great summer everyone.

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