Janine on the Kidlit Social Webcast with Laura Backes1 min read

Janine Bolon on the Kidlit Social Webcast with Laura Backes

Laura Backes, publisher of Children’s Book Insider and Kidlit Social Webcast, interviews Janine and discusses author marketing, media kits and podcast promotion!

Show Notes

From http://writeforkids.org, it’s the Kidlit Social for October 19, 2021, featuring author, podcaster, course creator and coach Janine Bolon. Janine, who’s newest book is Author Podcasting: Be a Stand-out Guest While Taking Your Book on a Virtual Tour, shares her expertise on how authors can promote themselves via virtual podcast tours and by creating standout media kits.

Janine is the host of numerous podcasts including The Thriving Solopreneur Show, 3 Minute Money Tips, and The Writers Hour: Creative Conversations with Janine Bolon. If you’re frustrated, intimidated or just plain flummoxed by marketing, this should be a great session for you to check out.

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