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This week is a week of planning for me. As I wrap up the last year financially and spiritually, I find my thoughts moving to the next dream, project, income level and living goals. Yes, I call them living goals. Why Living Goals? Because of this past November and December! 2016 ended with a heck of a bumpy ride.

I had another experience with Death this past holiday season. I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma and was terrified by the fact that I may not live for the next full year. This fear was generated due to my personal experience of having two friends die from this condition. One was given the diagnosis and died within 6 months, another lived for a full 18 months before her death. So, despite it being the holiday season and it being filled with cheer, love and light, I found myself having to make terminal decisions.

I went through paperwork to make arrangements for my family. I was forced to think in ways that I didn’t want to. I had to face the fact that I had very few people in my life that I trusted with my money and my children. I was realizing that I had to make sure that I lived long enough so that my eldest daughter would be old enough to be the legal guardian of my younger children. It was a very difficult process to go through, but now that I have, I feel better for it. I knew how long I had to live, at least 9 more months, and with that understanding came peace and a sense of calm that was delightful even euphoric. Now that the decisions have been made. I knew that all would be well. I worked things out to the best of my ability and made the appropriate arrangements. (By the way, the Doc called 3 days before Christmas and told me I was Cancer Free! You’re stuck with me for many more years!)

As I made decision-after-decision-after-decion, More and more of my life came into focus. The process was difficult only if I didn’t write my decisions down or if I tried to stall on a decision. That was when the emotional pain would start.

Indecision was the factor that was causing me most of the heartache and difficulties. That was it. Now that I know what I want and how I want to live, I find the decisions are getting easier and easier. I want to travel, write, speak and make money so that I can write, travel and teach more people. I want to help people and make a wealthy living so I can give more money away (according to the 60/40 principle) and put more money where our society needs it to go. Why do I do this? Giving money away when I have plenty makes me feel good. It makes me happy and the world could use a lot more happy!

So how can you bring more “Happy” into your life? Cut out your indecision and self doubt.

  • Create the best life plan you can think of and then move forward with that plan. What do you want out of life. What makes you happy? What do you want to do for you that you aren’t doing now?
  • Set your goals (or call them targets if that works better for you).
  • Make a decision. As you hit each cross-road in your life, choose and go foward in total faith that it is the right path for you, in this moment, and that if you come across a situation where you need more data, education or people, Boom! They’re going to show up. This happened to me over and over and over. I would need to make a decision. I would research options on the internet. I would set up a pros vs. cons fact sheet. I would double-check my goals to see if I was still on target. I’d make the best decision I could in each moment and then move forward.
  • Your decisions are final. During the health crisis I went through, I would not re-think my decisions or doubt them. I would just move forward and keep on making the necessary decisions required of me from all the professionals asking questions of me. I was labelled as “stubborn”, “selfish” and “difficult” by people who didn’t know what I was going through. I blew that off. I was making the best life (in 18 months or less) that I could make with the resources, people and money at my disposal!
  • Don’t change your decisions. You know what is best for you. You’ve done all the research. You’ve weighed your options. You’ve written down your goals. You’ve written down your action plan. The only time I change my decisions is when I’m given new data that makes my life easier or happier! (They’ve got an app for that!)

I know that once you start making decisions and moving in the direction of your goals, your life will become better and happier! Should you want further information on how to set goals and stick to your plans for your life, feel free to connect with me here and let’s work together to make a solution this is in your best interest!

Janine Bolon, Fool & Founder of The8Gates, helps you write your story so you can live the life you want. Find out how she does it here: Connect with Janine

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