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This week I had the opportunity to be on a panel discussing the topic on how to create an empowered and abundant life. The people that were on the panel were Dr. Lisa Brewer, who is a lightworker and life path coach and comes from a scientific background much like myself, who kind of fell into metaphysics due to specific life experiences.


The other panelist was coach Jackie Cote, who has created the life of her dreams by being a full-time are RVer and manages to travel the country in a 44 foot mobile box with her beloved, and as she says, “We’re still married after all this time in a tiny box!” This is something we all giggle about and celebrate with her.


The purpose of this panel is to serve Dr. Lisa’s community and to bring in new perspectives on how you can create an abundant life. More specifically,  how you can create the life that you truly want. 


We broke down this discussion of an abundant life into 4 areas of focus. We offered suggestions and techniques for handling each area that you can embrace on your journey to moving from the life you have to the target of the life you want.   


This is achieved by understanding the 4 cornerstones of self-development:

Empowerment, independence, autonomy and abundance. 


Now all of these subjects have their own challenges and have their own self limiting beliefs and depending upon what sort of lifestyle you currently have and the way that you’ve been raised, you will handle information regarding these topics differently. 


Empowerment: To embrace the emotion of empowerment requires that you have answers to this question, “What do you want from life?” So many people don’t know what they want. It is because of this fact that they’re not happy with the way their life has turned out. If you don’t know what you want, then it’s very difficult for you to set a target for yourself, aim for it and achieve it. So that was the very first question that was brought out during the empowerment section of the panel was, “What do you want from your life?” Many of our listeners and clients are empaths who are very good at knowing what they don’t want. And I’m sure you’ve had enough life experiences that you know what you don’t want. So now it’s time for you to focus on what you do want The next step is to ask yourself, “So what sort of lifestyle will work for me?” This is a very deep question for yourself. Because so often, we’re encouraged not to look to ourselves for our own best answers. The panel encouraged every listener to take a few moments each day to reflect on answers that they can come up with for themselves.


Independence: The emotion of independence is a reflection of your inner state of being. This can be a challenging state to move into especially if you wish to please the people around you and keep the peace with some of your familial relations. To be in a state of independence dictates that you take into account your own needs first before offering to do anything for anyone else. Even if you are a mother of small children, it is important that you find ways to feed yourself good food, brush your teeth and clothe yourself. What happens to a lot of empaths is they sacrifice their own needs to peacefully coexist with the group, family dynamic or relationship that they are in. This will ultimately lead you to misery, resentment and feelings of being unappreciated. 


Believe it or not (the choice is yours) you have all the tools, all the resources and all the intelligence and education required to go about making your next best decision for your life. This is a very deep topic that we needed more time to discuss. But we ended up describing a technique where by using a mirror and looking yourself in the eye you state a core and basic truth to your soul’s well-being. Look into a mirror every day and state this simple truth, “I love you.” 


Sounds silly doesn’t it? I suggest you get out your phone and put it on selfie mode and look yourself in the eye and say it. The emotions that swirl around you as you do this let you know how independent you are of others thoughts, judgements and opinions. You know you are independent of most of that head trash when you can look into your own eyes and say, “I love you” with deep compassion.

Autonomy is defined as the ability to have self discipline as well as self governance. What does it mean to have self governance? That means that you know what your personal truth is. You have clarity on how you live your life and how you perceive life is all based on your personal experiences and what you know is best for you. The point that can get difficult when it comes to autonomy is when you find yourself being such a people pleaser or an empath, you want the environment around you to be raised in a frequency or vibration to where you feel happier. And a lot of times that means you will put your own needs to the side rather than to embrace what you need to live a healthful and abundant life. I know that I did this for 25 years myself. (I can be a slow learner sometimes!) And when I learned how important it was for me to address what I needed. It altered my life for the best. 


The final topic was Abundance. And one of the things that I have learned from Reverend Dr. Cheryl Wade, was to speak the oath of manifestation in the morning right as I woke up, and in the evening as I went to sleep. By speaking this particular oath, I found that it gave me the courage that I needed to move about my day, even when I didn’t know how to solve some immediate challenges in my life. During this panel discussion we were asked, “What is your morning routine that keeps you in a lifestyle of abundance? I can’t speak for the others, but I have my morning and evening routines established and I run them each day to keep my needs met as well as my attitude the best I can each day. It looks like this for me:


Wake up (usually I’m up at 4am)

Whisper aloud the Oath of Manifestation

Meditate for 10-15min

Write down 5 things I’m grateful for today

Write 750 words on my next book

Play the piano



Eat Breakfast

Move into my work day


I started this practice when my kids (I have four) were quite little and I was writing up my Master’s Thesis. I would go to bed at 8:30-9pm with them and then wake up by 3-4am and type on my Thesis until my first child woke up.  By having this routine,  I find that I come from “a place of pleasure and not pressure in my life.” And I wish to acknowledge Coach Jackie Cote, on the panel, for stating this delightful quote. She says, “ it is best to come to life from a place of pleasure, not pressure”. And unfortunately, most of us have been taught the exact opposite. 


Closing Thoughts: Do you have a vision board? Have you taken the time to create one? If you haven’t created a vision board, I highly recommend that you build one in this three dimensional spacetime. If you keep all your dreams and aspirations in your head, then you are keeping it in fourth dimensional space. You want your dreams and aspirations to manifest in your physical reality, right?. Hence, the need to create a vision board.


 A vision board also helps you when confusion strikes and you don’t know what your next step needs to be. You look at your vision board and you say to yourself, “What is it that I need to do that will move me closer to one of these items on my board?” Your eyes will naturally drift over the vision board. And we’ll lock in on something and it may be something as simple as, “Hey, I’ve always wanted to go to Australia. I think I’ll check out where exactly in Australia I want to go.”And then, you’ll start looking up the places you wish to visit and build out your itinerary.  These are some simple things you can do to move forward with your vision each and every day that are simple. They don’t cost any money. And all that’s necessary is for you to focus, be inspired and then act. This process will settle the confusion for you. (I offer a $10 course for vision board creation click here)


As we closed out the close to two hours discussion with Dr. Lisa Brewer’s audience, we wrapped it up with the following statements.


No matter how you find yourself right now and no matter what mood you find yourself in, know that Dr. Lisa Brewer, Coach Jackie Cote and myself are rooting for you.


We’ve been in dark places.


We’ve managed to pull ourselves out with the support and help of our friends and know that we understand that you can’t always have a smile on your face.


But the point is, no matter what’s going on in your life, no matter what mistakes you may have thought you’ve made, no matter what situation you find yourself in.


Remember, that you are loved.


You are cherished and we are rooting for you!

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