Tell Me My Future!

One of the beautiful things about being a scientist and shaman, is that I get to interact with a wide range of personalities, people and places. One of my favorite experiences is being able to help folks with the Shamanistic Techniques I’ve learned from decades of study with Native Americans, Voodoo Priestesses and Shaolin Monks. Last month I spoke at the Body, Mind, Spirit Fair that is held twice a year in Denver. It is a huge complex that holds 250 vendors selling all things metaphysical and healing. You can find an authentic Hopi rattle being sold next to a vendor that will take a picture of your aura and interpret the colors for you. Along the outer wall of the complex are 100 various mystics, psychics, mediums and shamans sitting behind little tables offering to give attendees a 20 minute reading for $20. Tarot Cards, Astrology, Palmistry, Runes, Toning, and Shamanism are just a few of the tools used by folks to help people live better lives.


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Your Life of Joy! 7-Steps to BRING IT in 2017!

Bring it in 2017!
Time for Goals  by Janine Bolon

New Year’s Eve is fast approaching for those of us who use the Gregorian Calendar and here I sit for the 29th year in a row, pen in hand, writing down my annual goals. I’m thinking, “Bring it in 2017!” Shocked? I sure was when asked by a friend how long I had been writing down New Year’s Resolutions. I had started this process in November of 1987. I had just found out about this thing called, “The Franklin Planner System” and was listening to the cassette program outlining how to put your planner together and use the goal-setting forms. (Thank you, Hyrum Smith) Ouch! Showing you my age here, aren’t I? Despite the antiquated technology of what I was doing, the process of goal setting to bring about a “Life of Joy” hasn’t changed.


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