Enhanced Business Success – Janine Takes the Hot Seat Challenge!1 min read

Discover the Hot Seat Challenge - Janine Bolon joins Joe Wesley to discuss enhanced business success!

Have you ever found yourself unfavorably compared with your competitors? That you’re not being taken seriously as being the best. Worst yet, find yourself treated more like a negotiable commodity instead of a valued product or service provider?

Joe Wesley is the host of the Hot Seat challenge. He believes that everyone has a unique value that provides you with a distinct edge over your competition and he calls this edge, “your Secret Sauce.” The challenge is, that most business owners he has met aren’t aware of their Secret Sauce, preventing you from being appreciated as a valued product or service provider. Taking your Hot Seat challenge is your first step in discovering your Secret Sauce ingredients, providing you a competitive edge over your ideal market.

Show Notes

Janine takes the Hot Seat challenge to discover a unique ingredient of her Secret Sauce, to enhance her business value.

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