4 Programs Being Offered
February - April 2022

Based on Janine’s Bestselling Book, “Money…It’s Not Just for Rich People!” This 12-Week Course expands upon this content and goes into detail on:

  •  How to Dig Yourself Out of Debt while saving money at the same time on your current income
  • Create the Money Mindset that will allow you to receive the abundance around you
  • Implement tracking systems for where your money is going
  • Observe pricing to drop your grocery bill even lower
  • The Flow of Money
  • The Effect of Compound Interest 
  • The Rule of 72
  • Manage Your Money & Your Moods Around it
  • The 60/40 Principle & how to quickly implement into your life

This Bootcamp program is based on Janine’s Book, The Thriving Solopreneur, and goes into further detail on:

  •   Building Your Foundation: Creating Appropriate Boundaries
  • Planning Your Perfect Life: As yourself the most important questions first
  • Planning Your Perfect Year: Creatings Systems, Schedules & Routines for your Business
  • Creating Your Personal Habits of Success
  • Creating Your Minimum Viable Product (MVP): Selling your product or service online
  • Building Your System for Scheduling
  • Building Your System for Getting Paid
  • Building Your System for Prospecting
  • Your System for Follow-up
  • Your Direct Mail Program
  • Relationship Marketing Basics
  • Nurturing Your business in 4 hours a week

Are you ready to take your book on Tour? Janine will explain over this 90 minute workshop

  •  How to Build Your Author Platform
  • Create freebies and extras to encourage your readers to communicate with you
  • Implement tracking systems for your audio tour
  • 27 ways to use your guest appearances on shows and podcasts
  • How to Create an awesome Media Kit

Based on Janine’s Book, Expressing the Divine You will learn:

  •  How to Define Your Spiritual Gifts
  • Experience Your Divine Connection using a meditation technique customized to your lifestyle
  • Implement daily habits that allow you to express your own brand of Divinity
  • The 6 Major Clares