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This FREE self-paced course is based on 25 years of experience helping  families & students walk through the emotional blocks toward money and into debt-free Abundant Living.

  • using a 10-Step Process to deal with the barriers built up against wealth
  • multiple  worksheets to decipher your internal code to wealth
  • clarifying templates for focus
  • integrating the 60/40 Principle for life!

 You will be able to master the machinations of money. 

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Here is the entire library of 3 Minute Money Tip Videos to help you achieve the stability you need to stand strong in your financial literacy. I have everything from the 60/40 principle, how to calculate the math,  understanding the Rule of 72 & how compound interest works.

The Mindful Money Program
Monthly Coaching

This program is exactly like the one above, but you also get one hour a month of coaching from me on ZOOM with the rest of the participants.

Since I’ve been a college professor as well as a scientist, I know how important it is for people to have accountability as well as support for their questions. 

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