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One of the beautiful things about being a scientist and shaman, is that I get to interact with a wide range of personalities, people and places. One of my favorite experiences is being able to help folks with the Shamanistic Techniques I’ve learned from decades of study with Native Americans, Voodoo Priestesses and Shaolin Monks. Last month I spoke at the Body, Mind, Spirit Fair that is held twice a year in Denver. It is a huge complex that holds 250 vendors selling all things metaphysical and healing. You can find an authentic Hopi rattle being sold next to a vendor that will take a picture of your aura and interpret the colors for you. Along the outer wall of the complex are 100 various mystics, psychics, mediums and shamans sitting behind little tables offering to give attendees a 20 minute reading for $20. Tarot Cards, Astrology, Palmistry, Runes, Toning, and Shamanism are just a few of the tools used by folks to help people live better lives.

It was the first day of this three day event and the doors had only been open for 30 minutes when a lady flopped down on the chair across from me and blurted out, “Tell me my future!” The smart aleck teenager that loafs around inside my head wanted me to blurt back, “Do I have a crystal ball on this table, lady? Do you see me wearing a shawl and dangly, gold earrings? Do I look like Madam Zorba?” But instead, I politely pointed to my large, red banner and calmly stated, “That’s not my area.” I explained I was a shaman that helped people with their Meditation Practices, Breathing Techniques, Dream Interpretation and Totem Animals. As a shaman I do a lot more, but for spiritual fairs that limit our time with clients to 20 minutes, that’s what I can do.

What I wanted to share with you today was how you can tell your own future. It doesn’t take a psychic or special skills. You can learn a lot about your future all on your own by looking at what you are thinking and doing each day of your life. Since you are an amazing human being on this gorgeous planet we call earth, I know three things about you immediately:

You Seek Homeostasis. As my scientific friends state, homeostasis is a place of balance or harmony where you physiologically are in a state of equilibrium, and have all of the fundamental attributes of life and health. That is the foundation for most humans. If those basic needs are met, (you have food, clothing and shelter) then you move onto the next area.
You Seek Happiness. Whether you call it true love, being whole or feeling bliss. If you’re human and you live on planet earth you seek out others to define your experience. If you find yourself in too much pain you move away from that pain. Struggle occurs when you are in conflict with the signals of pain/pleasure and trying to determine if the pain is worth the ultimate pleasure. Example: is the pain of getting up every morning to lift these inanimate 25 pound weights worth the pleasure of a healthy body? For me the answer is yes! But then, my teenage children remind me daily that I’m crazy. LOL! You seek out others to bring about happiness in your world.
You Seek More and Better. Because we are creatures of expansion and adventure, we seek more than what we have. We grow, learn and bloom at our own rates and in our own times, but the effect is always the same. What was uncomfortable and challenging at one time, we now find contentment. Once we reach contentment, we then crave more and then move in the direction of creating that new future. This is not bad. It is what we are. Some people put a negative connotation on expansion, change and growth. They tell us we should “just be content.” I am. I am totally content with my life. I enjoy it, but I am also human. I will continually reach for more. More love, more joy, more happiness, more experiences, more knowledge. It is in our basic core to reach, seek and explore.

How do these three understandings tell you your future? Easy. You are what you envision. You are what you think about. You manifest what you feel. If you have a vision board in your office, room or house that you look at every day and you focus on what it is that you want in your world that makes you feel happier, better and more fulfilled. You will achieve it. If you are feeling good, if you feel like you sparkle and shine, you will attract the good things in life. When you have cars honking at you, pedestrians yelling at you, “I’m walking here, lady!” and children in the backseat reminding you of how human you are and how imperfect your actions are according to their world view (You won’t stop the car to pick the sippy cup off the floorboards that they threw in a tantrum, therefore, making you the worst mother on planet!)

In each of these moments you have a choice. And in this single choice is your future. You determine your future every day with your current moment’s choice. Do you choose to be happy or will you allow your circumstances to dictate your mood? This is how to tell you own future. You create it moment-to-moment by choosing to be happy and not allowing others to dictate what your mood, reaction or thought should be. You are you. Go out today and be you. Create the future you desire. Make the choices you need to make to create that future of joy. The Universe favors the Bold. Go be Bold.

Janine Bolon, Fool & Founder of The8Gates, won’t tell you your future, but will help you write your story so you can live the life you want. Find out how she does it here:

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