Step 7 to Abundance: Using The Law of Cause and Effect for Positive Purposes3 min read

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This principle that the Universe will fill the Voids we create in our lives, and do so in kind, is well known. It goes by many names and is said in various ways. You’ve probably heard most of these depending upon your cultural or religious background. Some alternate versions are:

“The Law of Cause and Effect”

“The Law of the Harvest”

“What you sow, that you shall reap.”

“What goes around comes around.”

“Birds of a feather flock together.”

“To him that has, more shall be given.”

“Like begets like.”

“Do unto others as you want them to do unto you.”

Despite the near-universal acceptance of this well-known law, people still have difficulty implementing it when they need something or when they see that others are in need. When you’re serving the needs of others it seems that the Universe goes to work overtime to get you what you need so that you can succeed. Yes, you still have to do your part and work like crazy while you move toward your goal, but you have to do that anyway, right? So why not rope the Universe into helping you out as well? Use the Law of Cause and Effect to do good in your particular corner of the world. How do you do it? Easy. What you give away will come back to you, just like a boomerang. (We can go into the physics of that in a later post!)

    • If you live in fear of starving, give food away (I have a family member that has 25# sacks of rice under her bed because not having enough food is one of her issues. I’ve learned so many tricks of how to store food in unconventional ways from this woman!
    • If you are afraid of being homeless, offer your house as a place to stay to someone in need.
    • If you think you worry about not enough clothes for yourself or your children, give away clothes.
    • Lastly, if you really want more money in your life, guess what? That’s right. Start giving it away. Give as much away as you can without straining the budget for rent, food, tuition and insurance payments. You get the idea. There is money in your life that you can give away without putting your family out on the street. If this is NOT the case…if you are really in that dire situation where you can’t even afford food, then get thee to a food bank and start receiving aid. Why? You need to swallow the pride and accept help so that you can get to where you are more stable financially. Then, and only then, can you move into abundance. I’ll rant and rave more on this topic in a later post.

Remember what the late Sam Walton (co-founder of WalMart) told me about the secret of success in business is to replicate yourself. This principle holds true for money as well. Sure, the Universe isn’t one of your employees, but so what? A helping hand (or whatever the Universe provides) is still a helping hand.  Consider what it is that you are afraid of and then fight that fear by giving what you need to others. It is a beautiful expression of the saying, “What goes around, comes around.”

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