Step 3 to Abundance: Cheerful Cooperation with Cash3 min read

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lying-fingers-crossedOkay this next step to money management and wealth accumulation is going to be a tough one for many of you. Right now today- start practicing this skill set if you ever want to become wealthy.


Stop lying about money.


Yep, that’s right. It is time for you to be totally honest and direct when it comes to talking cash (that’s cash, not trash!)


In my 13 years of working with people about their financial concerns, I have yet to meet anyone that didn’t in some way lie about their money. That’s right. Married couples, singles, working moms, teenagers…all walks of life. We lie about how much we spend when our partner looks up at our shopping bags and asks, “What’d ya get?” How often I have heard folks fudge the numbers when discussing what was happening in their lives regarding the amount of money spent, owed or earned. That’s right!! 84% of the people I have coached in finances couldn’t tell me their take home income. They could tell me their annual income, but not the take home.


This is what happens over the years. We first learn to lie when we are young. To tell “white” lies that don’t hurt anyone. They keep us out of trouble and the wrath of a parent, sibling or relative is kept at bay by this activity. Unfortunately, over time these lies become a habitual way of dealing with finances. Then, we start lying to ourselves not just those around us. It is a brutal wake up call when we get caught in a lie. (Read: you’re telling your financial coach one dollar figure and she has notes from a previous coaching session that says a different amount. Ouch!)


White lies about money are disasterous. At first they seem like nothing, but just like compound interest, they build and become stronger the longer they are used. How? Let’s look at what happens when you lie:


    • You say you saved $40 dollars on a sale rather then the actual amount of $36
    • You then begin to start rounding dollars and cents in your head in a way that caters to your buying habits
    • Over months you lose track of the amount of money you seriously are spending
  • After a year you get your credit card bill and you’re stunned you are THAT far in debt.

Rule number 1 on the path to wealth: Never, Never lie about money. Money is a powerful tool and you have to handle it with respect and grace. The moment you lie to a parent, spouse, friend, etc. about money…you’re headed down a path that leads to negative numbers (debt.) Trust is lost between spouses, business partners, friends. It is an aweful way to have to live.

Now don’t get me wrong, if someone asks you a personal question about money that is none of their business, there are many polite ways to deny them that information without being rude. If you have a spouse, partner, friend that is discussing shared finances with you, then it is especially important that not even white lies are used. Money is too powerful to be messed with in this way.

Why all the focus on this? It is a Universal Law, that is why. If you want more money, then you have to be a Truth Speaker to get more. The Universe will test and try you to see if you are worthy for more of this powerful tool. So, prove to the Universe that you are up to the challenge. Start telling the truth when you spend $5 more than you wanted. Don’t justify yourself, just admit what you have done. You will be amazed what a relief it is to always speak Truth about money.

Good luck and Much Abundance to You!

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