Step 10 to Abundance: Relax! Breathe! You will gain control of your finances!2 min read

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Here we are on the final step to Abundance. I’ve done my best to give you the Reader’s-Digest-Condensed-version of the systems used by wealthy people to bring their finances under their control rather than bbeing controlled by them.

Here is kind of a quick list that I use in my seminars and workshops to help bring all the main points together and assist you in the step-to-step walk to abundance.

  1. Write down your eulogy, goals and purpose statement. Review your goals daily.

2.Track all your expenses for three months.

3. Open your savings accounts (both long term and short term)

4. Implement the 60/40 principle with money that is NOT your paycheck.

5. Live within your means, always. If you don’t have the cash to buy it, don’t.

6. Invest in yourself. Learn how money grows. Totally understand compound interest!

7. Declutter your purse, wallet, car, house, garage, and storage units.

8. Learn a new skill once a month, make June’s skill be the use of a Price Book.

9. Keep learning, read a financial book once every six months.

10. Relax! Take a deep breath! Rome wasn’t built in a day. Know that the steady effort wins this race.

The most important fact about the wealth accumulation lifestyle is this: It is a race that is a marathon, not a sprint. Make daily efforts to gain control of your financial life. Don’t try to change everything ALL at once. Do a little something every day and over the course of 5-9 years you will see that you have totally altered your financial life for the better.

Now…those are the basic principles to wealth. All 10 of them. What is next? Time to deal with the emotional barriers that you are putting up to prevent you from becoming rich. Wander over to the website Curing Your Cash Crisis and see the first chapter of the new book I’m writing. I want your participation so this books helps you and as many people as possible in the financial journey out of debt and into wealth.

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