014 – Why Should I Meditate

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I’m sure at some point you have asked yourself the question: Why should I meditate? Here are just a few of the advantages: 1-Slowing down: Slow life down and focus…

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013 – Mary Ann Johnson

Mary Ann Johnson is the mother of seven children. She has been happily married for forty-eight years and is known as an expert in family connection. She is the author…

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012 – Jimmy Trapp

We are joined today by Jimmy Trapp, an illustrator with a large catalogue of completed works. When he was young, his parents always encouraged him to make things his own.…

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011 – Whitedove Gannon

Meet Whitedove. A down to earth creative with an analytical process for small businesses. Over the past 4 years of growing an accounting and bookkeeping business, she has had the…

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010 – Brenda Hardwick

Everyone has a light to shine! Brenda Hardwick is a Healer/Author who is a Teacher & Practitioner of Seraphic Wisdom. She is also studied and certified in several healing modalities…

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008 – Cari Roy

Cari Roy has gained recognition as New Orleans most accurate and empathic psychic reader and medium. A third generation New Orleans psychic medium, Cari’s mother was a spiritualist practitioner and…

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007 – Jill La Liberte

Prior to entering into the healing arts, Jill La Liberte had over 25 years business experience. It may seem like a leap to go from corporate America to eastern medicine,…

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006 – Patty Peritz

Patty Peritz’s unique gifts allow her to connect her clients to Spirit primarily through clairaudience. She hears what she is supposed to say to her clients and repeats the information.…

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005 – Elissa Borleske

Elissa Borleske is a psychic, medium, tarot reader and teacher, Reiki master. and more! She tells Janine about her journey and how long it took before she felt comfortable sharing…

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