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017 – Cheerful Cooperation with Cash (Step 3)

The Most Important Skill you can start practicing today regarding your financial situation is to stop lying about money! Yep, that’s right. It is time for you to be totally honest and direct when it comes to talking about cash.
White lies about money are disastrous.
Let’s look at what happens when you lie: 

  • You say you saved $40 on a sale rather than the actual amount of $36.
  • You then begin rounding dollars and cents in your head in a way that caters to your buying habits
  • Over months you lose track of the amount of money you seriously are spending
  • After a year you get your credit card bill and your stunned that you are so far in debt

Make sure you speak the truth about money.
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The Practical Mystic Show
017 - Cheerful Cooperation with Cash (Step 3)

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