Passion Saving, by Rob Bennett2 min read

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passionsavingJust finished an excellent book on how to save. Yes, this is a book that chats about HOW to save. Most of us know we need to, most of us really want to save money and have an account that we see the savings balance steadily rise each month. Unfortunately, it is rather challenging to make this a reality. Rob Bennett wrote an easy-to-understand work on the how-to of saving.

Some of my favorite quotes:

  • Page 106: “To be middle-class almost by definition means to be on a quest for more meaningful work.” Go, Rob! I have so many clients talk to me about job dissatisfaction, then I use this quote and we work out a plan for them to become financially independent as quickly as possible so they can go after the job that is more meaningful for them.
  • Page 109: “What spending can’t buy: Lessen the extent to which you need to go to work to pay the bills, and you can increase the extent to which you perform work for the growth experiences and personal satisfaction it offers.” This is the crux of why a person should become wealthy. So we can do the things we love best in life and help others along the way.
  • Page 129: “Yet another luxury in today’s world is free time.” Yet how few of us use this wonderful commodity carefully. If you feel that your life could have more meaning and you feel listless, now is time to put together a plan to get yourself out of debt and moving toward the bigger goal of financial security. One of the things that helped my husband and I become financially independent was the dream to retire early and teach at a local community college. It took us 10 years to realize that dream, but then, here we are!
  • Page 177: Here is my favorite line from Rob’s book: “It’s spending that makes you rich!” Doesn’t it sound so counter productive? However, over the next two paragraph’s Rob takes time to chat with you about the main reason for saving…that is, to spend money on things that add quality to your life. Lovely!

Read “Passion Saving” and tell me what you think. No, I don’t get a commission for this, I’m just curious what you think.

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