Janine's Media Kit

Media Appearances

Here are my latest appearances since January 2020

Bryan Hyde requested I share my message of hope to his listeners, his intro stated, “If your financial situation is giving you anxiety, Janine Bolon has a message of hope for you. Debt-free living is possible, even in times of economic volatility.”   Click the link to hear this radio interview

Gary Barnes, America’s #1 Traction Business Coach, has been a big supporter of my work and has asked me to speak at several of his events. He recently had me on his “Give Back Series” where we discussed the financial mindset that keeps business owners going even when cash flow drops. How do you keep the money pump working without burn out?  Click the link to see the “live” financial interview.

Pedro Okoro, Founder of Astute Copy Blogging highlighted money making opportunities online when COVID-19 shut down businesses. His article with 29 other experts can be found here. I’m expert #30. Click the link to see his full article.

Katie Holmes interviewed me for her recent article on 15 Authors Share their Stories and Advice on Writing. Click the link to see her full story here.

Michelle Kavanaugh reached out to me to be a guest helping solopreneurs and small-business owners with, “Money is not just for rich people.” We tend to have the mindset that it is. Accumulating debt is the biggest mistake we make. How do you build a business and manage your money so that it works for you? Click the link to see the podcast here.

Shameless self-promotion here. Every Friday I upload a video on a financial tip to keep money flowing into your life while you drop your debt and increase your savings. Check out the full library of videos here.

3 Minute Money Tip Library.