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This is a 10 Step Course has  Notes and Exercises to guide your Money Mindset from scarcity to debt-free living

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As a Financial First-Responder, Author of 8 books, course creator and international speaker, I get a lot of questions about my content, classes and systems. 

In an effort to lend you support, accountability and continued inspiration I’ve created these online “office hours” much like what I used to hold as a Professor when I was teaching Math & Science.

If you are unable to attend these sessions “live,” don’t worry. 

They are recorded. 

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You are welcome to email me your questions the day before my Office Hours and  I will address your questions during Thursday’s sessions.

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This is a 10 Step Audio Course with Transcripts, Notes and Exercises to guide the Modern Mystic from scarcity to debt-free living

Lesson 1: Clarity on Cash

Lesson 2: Know What You Want

Lesson 3: Cheerful Cooperation with Cash

Lesson 4: Tracking those Coins

Lesson 5: A Price Book for Buying Groceries

Lesson 6: Examine Disposable Products

Lesson 7: Positive Purposes for the Law of Cause & Effect

Lesson 8: The Flow of Money

Lesson 9: The 60/40 Principle

Lesson 10: The 10-Steps to Abundance

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This mastermind group was created at the behest of readers to “The Divine Series.” 

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  • interviews of psychics, mystics and shamans that Janine has mentioned in her writings
  • Book reviews and study guides of the metaphysical literature that Janine has read or is currently reading.
  • You will have an opportunity to become a beta-reader for Janine’s next book.

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