Great News Despite Economic Downturns2 min read

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hopefaithMany of my readers have been after me to write something during these times of economic uncertainty and crazy media blitzes on money (or the lack thereof). I have resisted because I knew that things would eventually settle down after all the panic subsided and people started thinking again rather than just reacting to what the media was feeding them.

Yes, groceries are still costly, but wow, look at the gas prices! Amazing, no? Also, I have received email after email from students of mine that describe how their economic situation though tight is positive despite all the rantings of the media that a depression is nigh! Here is just one example that I had in my inbox this past week. It is fairly average considering the diversity of lifestyle and location of my readers.

Dear Janine,

I just wanted to update you on the great success Donald and I have been experiencing since completing our mentoring sessions with you.

    • Our long-term savings have gone from 5% to 10%,
    • tithing stayed at 10%,
    • short –term savings and philanthropy have gone from next to nothing to 6-10% monthly.
    • Also, my husband’s salary increased 6%
  • I followed your advice and raised my piano lesson rates 43%. I went from teaching 10 students making $350 a month, to teaching 10 students making $500 a month. The interesting thing is that out of the 10 students, only 3 are repeats. 5 were unhappy with the price increase and 2 moved.


We’re still working on finding a system that works for both of us to keep track of all of our spending, but we’re both moving forward in accomplishing our goals and have had meaningful, touching experiences with our family working together on philanthropy projects. Thank you for teaching us about money!

Once you decide that you are going to control your money and will find a way to achieve financial independence it is amazing to me how people accomplish it no matter what the economy may be doing! I encourage all of you to do what you do best during the holidays! Celebrate. Yes, I know there is a lot of negative press about EVERYTHING these days, but I see so much opportunity and hope with our current economic situation. Remember the keys to success and you’ll weather this stormy season just fine:


    1. Know what you want out of life
    2. Set goals for your expenditure of time as well as money
    3. Track your expenses and income
    4. Review your expenses and income on a monthly basis
    5. 2009 is on the way. What will your differently this year to increase your financial stability?

Keep your focus, work on a balanced life, forgive yourself for your past mistakes and decide that it is time for you to become rich!

I wish you all a very Happy Holiday Season and New Year!

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