Curing Your Cash Crisis, The War has begun!1 min read

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The War (Chapter One of the new book) has begun! As of two days ago, I posted the first chapter along with the Introduction for folks to comment on.

Here is your chance to ask any money question and have it answered! [as long as you don’t ask me how to invest your savings! (I’m aware of how to make and use money, but I have no certification in Financial Planning so I can’t “go” there with you.)] However, what I CAN do is answer all the other hundreds of basic questions buzzing through your brain!

What other reason should you care about this project? You get a free book out of the deal! That’s right! I will make sure that you receive a free electronic copy of the final book. Not only do you get to comment and review each chapter as it comes out, thus helping you to get started digging out of your own personal economic recession, but you will receive a copy of the completed book after it is edited and ready for publication! My publisher is pushing for a September 2009 deadline.

Isn’t this the coolest thing? I am so excited to be able to open up this opportunity to the whole frugal community.

What do you need to do? Pop over to to review chapter one, The War.  There will be buttons on the page that will allow you to comment or ask questions; I and my editor(s) will make sure that the answers to the most universal and helpful questions will appear somewhere within the final book. Thanks for taking part in the building of a book to bring the emotional side of money into sharp focus.

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