Clearing the Cobwebs of Clutter2 min read

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clutters-last-standTaxes have finally been put into the mail. My home office is now back to some semblance of normality and now I’m ready for the next big project, decluttering my home. It is an area of neglect for most folks that really does change one’s financial situation. Yes, having an over stuffed house full of things does cause financial problems. Don’t believe me? I don’t blame you, but I know this is true.

There are certain habits and perspectives in life that cause use stress and sap our energy. One of the most prevelent is the “more is better” philosophy that I see perpetuated in many peoples’ homes. The more you have, believe it or not, the more stress you have and that is definitely NOT wealth as I like to define it. So, now that my taxes are done, I’m headed to the far corners of my house to start the process of decluttering and spring cleaning. This is a semi-annual event for me because I know it keeps me sane, my family sane and my money in my savings account.

How you may ask? Easy. I know where everything is. By decluttering my home twice a year and getting rid of everything that doesn’t serve me I am in the wonderful position of knowing where all my stuff is. Because of this, I have the added benefit of cabinets that actually have space between shelves and storage areas in the garage that are unused. All this despite the fact that I have four children and a husband with all their collections and stuff. How do you go about decluttering your home in order to assist your finances? Simple.

I recommend that you read, Don Aslett. He has written multiple books on the subject of clutter and how to get rid of it. The first book of his I ever read was, “Clutter’s Last Stand.” After that I read, “Not just for Packrats and Clutter Free, Finally & Forever.” Then recently he came out with a real gem. “Weekend Makeover: Take Your Home from Messy to Magnificent in only 48 Hours!” Well, it took me longer using his methods then 48 hours, but the process was great and I found that I benefited emotionally, physically and financially from the change in perspective that occurred by my having space in my life.

This week is THE week where I tear into every drawer, closet, cabinet, cupboard and shelf in an effort to unload any possessions that are not serving my needs. This is spring cleaning at it’s best!

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