From Broke to Stoked” The Broke Wives Club is now the Stoked Wives Club!1 min read

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logoThis past weekend I attended a life-transforming event in Louisiana. It was a weekend spent with the Broke Wives Club. They had amazing men and women at this conference from all over North America (Thank you Canadians for putting up with us!) The topics covered were all about your Holistic Health.

Goal setting and life planning courtesy of Dr. Alex Ledgister (His Web Site Here)
Healthy Lifestyle Choices courtesy of Jacque Miller (Her LinkedIn Profile Here)
Financial Freedom courtesy of (that’s right) yours truly, Janine Bolon.
I encourage you wonderful readers to pop on over to Facebook and make friends with Jacque, Dr. Alex and others from the Broke Wives Club (Now The Stoked Wives Club) after this weekend. These folks are ready to roll on moving their lives forward spiritually, emotionally, and physically. They will give you the courage, kick-in-the-butt, and cheers for you to succeed at what you want to do in life. Just let ’em know you’re in need of some help…they’re rooting for you already!
For continued inspiration to keep you motivated, feel free to click on over to the web sites of the speakers. They have lots of information for you and will help you attain your goals for 2011.
Rock on, people. This is gonna be a great year!
Peace out!

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