Sacred Way Fair

October 23rd, Saturday


$25 for 20 minutes to do a Medicine Wheel Reading
Using Your Totem Animal Spirit Guides

JANINE BOLON - Scientist, Shaman, Sacred Clown

Welcome! I am thrilled that you are here.  Hi, I’m Janine Bolon. Scientist. Shaman. Sacred Clown.

What is a Sacred Clown, you ask?

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When I was young I was struck by lightening. This was an experience that I (obviously) lived through, but is the identification of the Sacred Clown according to some traditions.

My goal in life was to be a scientist and live the contemplative life. All I ever wanted was to talk to God in a 2-Way conversation. My form of God Chasing expressed itself in working with a Hindu Guru for over 20 years to achieve a state of enlightenment

During this training, I worked as an analytical biochemist, homeschooled, four children, published four books on personal finance and was married to my college sweetheart for 30 years. In 2010 I was called into active service by the Thunder Clan. What does this mean?

God revealed Himself to me, I was  initiated by Native Americans as a Heyoka (Sacred Clown) and I was pulled into my life’s purpose.

That purpose is to teach, write and guide spiritual seekers of all paradigms into a deeper relationship with their Creator/Source/God. Through my writings and on-line courses, I work with people like you to help expand your intuitive gifts as well as share my joyous journey as I meet, interview and learn from other shamans, tribal healers, and Grandmothers and Grandfathers of Native Americans from all over North and South America.

If you’ve had a spiritual experience that mocks conventional understanding, if you’ve seen things that defy gravity, if you’ve had a “ghost” appear before you, then this is the place for you.