The 60/40 Rule of Money Management: CFO at Home1 min read

Janine Bolon joins Vince Carter, Host of CFO Home, to discuss the 60/40 money management rule.

Meet Vince Carter, host of CFO at Home! He is a self-described money-nerd; filling his spare time with articles, podcasts and books on the subject.

Vince holds an MBA, a Certificate in Financial Planning from Florida State University, and is a Certified Personal Financial Wellness Consultant through the National Financial Educators Council.

Learn more about Vince here.

Show Notes

When it comes to managing our money, oftentimes small, incremental changes implemented over a long period of time can yield big results. Listen as Janine sits down with Vince and helps you to discover:

✔️  How small changes in your behavior can lead to leveraging more cash into your wallet.
✔️  How you have more money to work with than you think.
✔️  Where your daily and weekly actions can be implemented to loosen up more cash.
✔️  The primary systems that allow you to relax as you decrease your debt.
✔️  When the best time is to implement the 60/40 principle for maximum results.

And more!

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