From Depression to Divine – Janine Joins Anna Maydonova1 min read

Thumbnail for show - Janine Bolon joins Anna Maydonova on the World's Best Trauma Recovery Podcast: From Depression to Divine: A Story Behind One Powerful Woman with Janine Bolon

Anna Maydonova is the host of World’s Best Trauma Recovery Podcast; a show that provides clear explanations, effective strategies and practical tools to help you to confront your darkest moments, neutralize the past traumas and discharge their negative impact on your life!

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💫  Create miracles in your life?

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Show Notes

Can you imagine being finally free from your grief, anger, and depression? I sit down with Anna and discuss how I did just that!

In this episode, I share my story about watching my mom, who was also my best friend and the person I loved the most, slowly die from a terminal disease.

After my mom passed away, I found myself going through 3 bottles of wine a night trying to deal with the grief, pain, loneliness, and depression.

I discuss all of this and more, including how I was able to overcome my depression and become a highly successful owner of The8Gates, LLC, which produces 4 podcast programs, a radio show, 15 online coaching classes, and markets 12 of my books! Listen below.

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