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Hearing the Call to Greatness

Too many of us dismiss the impression that it’s time to level up our character.

This is a message especially for anyone who has ever experienced a powerful but undefined impression that there’s something more they should be doing.

I’m not talking about remembering something from your to-do list that you’ve been putting off.

I’m referring to a quiet but persistent sense that you need to level up in your efforts to be a positive force in the world.

Many people feel this calling during the quiet moments when they are alone with their thoughts.

Most people tend to ignore such impressions because their sense of comfort and well-being says they’re doing just fine.

But for a few, that sensation that we could or should be becoming more than we currently are is not something that quickly passes like a fad.

Instead, it sticks with them and inspires introspection, meditation or prayer.

Should you commit to act on this impression, get ready for change in your life.

Nothing that moves us to a higher level of living is going to allow us to linger in the comfort zone.

We may not have the full support of those we love simply because they don’t hear the call that we are hearing.

Finding the courage to stop ignoring this feeling and to take our first steps in a better direction requires a willingness to choose something more than the status quo.

If we wish to become more than we are today, we must learn to recognize that call to greatness and answer it as fearlessly as possible.

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